MAGICTOM.COM le Magic Conventions are where friends meet again & again. Ron & I stayed at Steve Causey's home during the Magic Jubilees in the eighties. We had to watch his " Good Night George " rubber band magic trick before we could go to bed each night. Like a Navy Seal I could take it. See Kentucky magicians below posing with master magician Dai Vernon.

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I've only seen Ron do two magic tricks in the 23 years I've known him. But he had the largest magic book & video collection of any magician I knew back then. Louisville magicians Lance Burton, Mac King and I used to go to Ron's and watch his videos of  magic FISM Competitions from TV magic specials. A lot of reading and research for my act has taken place in his friendly abode. I doubt if we'll get through all the videos in our lifetime so we may have to take them with us.

Dick Staub recently passed away. So many fun magicians leaving us too early.


The Wizard

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Delbert Hillegas is as good as gold when help is needed with a show. He is a proficient handler of rope magic and has a good reputation for helping out behind the scenes. He printed some of my early flyers & magic business cards in Louisville as well as some of magician Mac King's early promo with the aid of his vocational school class. Quick with a joke, he's always a positive influence when my mood is down, I smile when I see this picture.

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Build me a better mouse trap...

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Tom Jones is a creative talent who always figures a way to build exactly what you want. He is a graphic designer, 3-D model maker and a wonderful prop builder. Tom Jones and his wife Libit, a graphics artist and calligrapher have been invaluable to us and have always been giving friends. They made some of our early logos & built several magic illusions for our Louisville magic show. Go on to the next page...




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