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This is one trick my son thought of when he was about six years old. I encourage him to imagine new ideas for his magic.   

When I come to the close of our children's shows, I display a large silk cloth to cover my top hat. Nathan borrowed the silk cloth once while I was rehearsing and said he knew how to change his two legs into 4.

Nathan had remembered how I had showed him to make one of my legs disappear. Being the patient father, I said " Ok let's see you make your two legs into four, " so he put the cloth in front of him. When he removed it his right leg was bent at the knee and crossed in front of the left leg, he said " See it looks like a 4."   



It builds suspense when I say to the audience that I will change my two legs into four. It certainly gets the response I seek. The laughter from the parents and teachers in the audience let me know that this is a good trick no matter what the age may be. See the illustration on how to perform Nathan's Two Legs to 4 trick. Next Page 



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