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Lance Burton at The Kentucky Center... 

Master magician? The words take on their meaning when you are seated for a two hour fantasy brought to you by an old hometown friend turned Las Vegas super star. If you don't consider yourself a fan of magic shows, this magician will change that quicker than you can say rabbit pellets.  We couldn't believe two hours had passed by so quickly. Still there we were standing to give him a well deserved ovation. What a show! Where did the time go?               

Lance Burton " our " master magician probably doesn't know either, he seemed to enjoy the performance almost as much as we did. Sadly the two hour show was over and the only bad thing we can say about it or Lance's magic is...that it had to end. No sense in attempting to describe his show or choosing a favorite segment or trick, there are no best tricks. They each have their role and special purpose. That purpose is to allow for escape from your everyday world and entrance to his. But we think Lance Burton's  best magic trick is making two hours pass by in what seemed like 15 minutes. 


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Lance's show brought more Las Vegas with Juggler Micheal Goudeau above on far right.


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Pictures from the November 7th reception are courtesy of Carmen West and the generosity of Lance Burton  and may not be copied or reproduced without Mrs. West's or Mr. Burton's express written consent.



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