WARNING:  IF  YOU  ARE  A  MINOR   OR  FIND  MIMES  OFFENSIVE  LEAVE  NOW                                



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This is Lew during the holidays in full toy soldier regalia. He would visit area malls at Christmas and then change into the store mannequin costumes when management wasn't looking. No, seriously Lew is an experienced mime performing when not too busy overseeing his client's investments at Highland Financial Management Inc. Lew is a registered investment advisor.

His wife Charlotte would also perform with him & did great face painting. Charlotte is the tax expert at Highland Financial Group and on visits there I would rarely see her away from the schedule A's, B's,C's or EZ's and 1040 forms. I think she is the 3rd hardest working person I have ever met in my life. See previous pages for 1st & 2nd hardest working persons I have met.

Besides community theater work and the novelty act business, Lew had experience on the flip side of the entertainment industry as a talent agent with The Guy Rhodes Agency. He was the best friend an entertainer could have since he saw the business from our angle.

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Lew in classic white face. Very offensive. Visit Lew at Highland Financial Management 2500 Bardstown Road at the Trevillian Way intersection in Louisville, Kentucky or e-mail him and let him know how you feel about mimes, magicians, jugglers, talent agents or stock investments.