Don't Be Afraid!  Hypno Wheel Hypnotizes You Now!

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As Seen On TV! Approved by our team of pharmacists. It's very easy to do. You run the file above by clicking on the Download Now sign ( it takes 5 - 10 seconds, just click  open or run this file from current location, then click ok.  You will then answer yes to "install and run." This all takes about 10 seconds )  It's simple to do and the file is safe. You may click cancel at any time.

Stare at the center of the large hypnotic-wheel for 15-20 seconds without blinking. The longer you stare the greater the effect will be, but use common sense. Look down at your hand or your keyboard. Your skin will look as though it's crawling.  What causes this illusion? That's right... It's Just Plain O' Magic! is not responsible for medical emergencies arising from use of this hypnotic wheel and can not be held responsible for lost hours at work playing with hypnotic wheel. Must be 41 inches to ride. If you have a history of mental problems, are susceptible to mild suggestion, dream of a one world government or have been drinking please do not attempt to run the Hypno Wheel of Death. Please use responsibly and remember it's just a game. 

Do not use hypnotic wheel while driving. Do Not Run While Using. Some users experience dry mouth, headache and or loss of memory.  

If you have completed the hypnotic wheel of death & feel the need to confess a crime wait here. Operators Are Standing By.     

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