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      Do You See A Woman Or Do You See A Skull? Move Closer To Your Monitor Or Step Back.   


                        Move further away from pictures to see something different




Old Woman Below Or Young Girl? Hint... See The Old Woman's Nose In The Young Girls Chin.


                                                                   At Right Can You See A Woman's Facial Silhouette Or Big Nosed Man Playing The Sax?







Fractal Art


YouTube - How Do Fractals Work? : Advanced Math





Old man & Woman or South of the Border?



Can You See A Duck Looking To The Left Or A Rabbit Looking To The Right? ?



Are these almonds moving?







Left Right conflict

Your right brain tries to say the color but
Your left brain insists on reading the word


Look at the chart and say the COLOR not the word

Yellow   Blue   Orange
Black   Red   Green
Purple  Yellow   Red
Orange   Green   Black
Blue   Red   Purple
Green  Blue   Orange



Is The Book Open Toward You Or Away From You?


New optical cat or rabbit.gif (4963 bytes)

Rabbit Sitting?   


One Face Or Do You See Two Faces Separated By A Candle?


House Faces



Tennis in the clouds



 Are the above lines parallel?



Don't lose any pieces you may not get out






Face of Satan Appears in 911 World Trade Center Immediately After Attack

Photos Not retouched According To Associated Press. Photos Are Genuine








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Are you aware that some internet sites have used your monitor to spy on you? It has been common misinformation that it is good to leave your computer & monitor on all day. Why? Like a light bulb; they say the filament burns out when you turn it on. Do you leave your TV on all day? How about the microwave? Would you like to know the reason many may want your computer & monitor on 24 hours a day?

A pixel technology known as " dot dithering " in your monitor's screen grill can be reversed to make a primitive camera aperture and act as an eye. This technology has been available on the market since June 1999 and it's very likely  it has been used on you on one site or another. Like a receptacle capturing images inside your home or office while connected to the internet, this intrusive digital technology is a primitive camera used in a very high tech way. 

 It uses your computer monitor while connected to the internet at work or in your home. A story appeared in a major news magazine and stated it was " George Orwell's  1984 " big brother at it's worst. Dot dithering technology was reportedly invented by the Mitsubishi Corporation and was in use on the internet by late 1997 without much fanfare.

Although this photo technology makes the picture appear grainy and images are not real clear;  information can be gleaned from peering into someone's home or office. The monitor's dot dithering acts somewhat as if you had the computer hooked to a video camera and will give the viewer a picture of whatever is in the pathway of your computer monitor. ( while connected to the internet.)  Monitors that have this capability were made after March 1998. If your monitor shows any movement on the linked beta test page you may wish to read more. Please click on the link to test your monitor. Warn others about this and encourage them not to leave their monitors on and possibly watching 24 hours a day. Turn your monitor off when not in use, save energy & your monitor.

Prevent private viewing through your monitor and information being collected. 

Click here and see if your monitor is being used against you. It only takes a moment.


 Louisville, Kentucky regional magician Tom Hamilton invites you to put magic into your next event


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