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Did you know ...

... children remember what they did at a party much more than what they ate or the toys that were put in party bags ?


Would your child be surprised to have...

A Magic Show With Their Friends in Your Home?

We don't need to tell you that your child's Birthday is possibly their favorite day of the year. It's their day for celebration with best friends, games and cake to enjoy. Take some pressure off what can be stressful planning and make it a day they will remember with magic! 

We offer two different length shows. One is about 40-45 minutes in length and consists of award winning magic. The show involves the birthday person. They are always amazed to see magic so  close. Watch their eyes and know they are experiencing great joy. It's even more fun to listen later to what they think they saw happen and what you saw happen. It's magic. (8427 bytes)

In the 45-55 minute birthday party show MagicTom shares entertaining original stories along with the magic geared for your child's age. You don't get the same story that the other magicians are using, he makes up most of his magic as a pastime.

Younger children, ages four to seven will hear "Old Pete the Rabbit Magic Trick" and the older kids get spooky comical stories like MagicTom's " Ictor, Victor and Doo Dah".. three brothers who happen to be worms! Fun for your children's friends! Some stories have a moral to go with the magic. The fun turns into a game show, a mystery game and then a how to session, with some free magic tricks for your invited guests. Kids remember our shows!                                             

At the close of this show a magician's top hat is passed out to the audience, shown to be empty and then a live rabbit appears magically inside the hat. ( this is an excellent and rare piece of magic to witness, very few magicians actually pull a rabbit out of a top hat ) Bucky the Rabbit is a Netherlands dwarf and a KY State Fair Ribbon winner. Our rabbit does card tricks and has been spotlighted in a Courier-Journal feature story. The younger kids enjoy just spending time with this star of the show and Randy likes to ham it up for the camera.

The birthday person has the special task of carrying the hat around for friends to see this magical bunny. ( Teachers, Mom's and Dad's please keep the rabbit or doves (from whatever show you have booked) a secret from the kids so they will not expect the surprise. This keeps the very young children from interrupting with questions about when they will get to see and hold the rabbit : )     


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