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 like to see a few magic tricks. If you would like to be fooled with some magic then you should enjoy this page...


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Try This... write on a piece of paper the year that you were born.

Add to that, the year something of great importance happened in your life. It could be the year you were married or the year a child was born or perhaps the year you got some really great letter in the mail about a credit card offer! Make it a year I wouldn't know about or be likely to guess, ok?

Now write down how old you are on your birthday this year. Add that to your total and double check your arithmetic.

One more thing now. How many years has it been since that significant event in your life occurred? Think about it for a moment and then add that number to your total. Of course we would hope you check your numbers, think it all the way through again, and then check your total.

Return to the home page and look towards the left bottom of the page, on the animated arrows you will find a number matching what you have on your paper. If you don't see it near the bottom left of the page then e-mail us and we will send you the answer. 

(Allow 8 weeks for delivery of answer. Person requesting delivery of answer must be 21 years of age or older and in good physical condition. No  including death resulting from such delivery of performance and loss of work time in reading this waiver. Failure to adhere to any of these stipulations voids advertised delivery of performance and could be interpreted as grounds for termination of all future deliveries. Void where prohibited) 



What day of the week were you born?




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