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Most of our performances are for private viewing, paid for by clients. Some magic performances are for companies touting new products at industry trade shows. Some are for corporate awards banquets or for unique themed parties at various times throughout the business year. Some of our shows are private in home parties for just regular people with a special celebration planned.

But during the summer months we participate in Louisville's Street Stuff . These are performances by various musicians and entertainers around downtown at business lunch time. The street shows can liven up the atmosphere, add more vitality to street life and give people a reason to leave their offices.

They are sponsored by the Brown-Foreman Corporation, National City Tower, Louisville Downtown Management District, Riverside Parking, Alderman George Unseld  and are made available free to the public. The following street performance schedule is for MagicTom Only:  

Approximate times 11:30 a.m. until  2:00 p.m.

 Street Stuff:

April 12th - 16th   Performances At  National City Plaza 

April 19th - 23rd   Performances At 4th & Jefferson Argon Plaza

May 24th - 28th   Performances At 8th & Main

June 14th -18th   Performances At 8th & Main

June 28th - July 2nd   Performances At 4th & Ali Streets 

July 5th - 9th  Performances at 4th & Jefferson Argon Plaza

August 16th - 20th   Performances At 4th & Ali Streets 

August 23rd - 27th   Performances At 8th & Main

"See a live rabbit do an impossible card trick"


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Tom Hamilton Magician

Louisville Kentucky




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