Louisville Magic Club's Claude Thurman  

Lance & Claude.jpg (59794 bytes)   I met Claude through the Louisville Magic Club and besides Delbert Hillegas he was the only person that really knew how to set up the stage for the club's annual Louisville magic show events. He never turned you down when a favor was asked and was as dependable as the day was long. This was one of his favorite pictures from our old home on Third Street during a magic party for Bob Escher. He's standing proud with Louisville Kentucky magician Lance Burton.

He had been a caretaker for some of my birds & rabbits over the years and I can't say enough good about him. Claude was the Louisville Magic Club's Sergeant at Arms.  Claude Thurman passed away in June 2001. He lays at rest in Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery not far from legendary Louisville magician Mr. Magic Harry Collins.   Next page...



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